Dark Heresy: An Acolyte on the Roof

The Gellar Field Waltz Part IV

Last time on Dark Heresy...

The cunning and ever faithful acolytes, having survived a day on the voidship the Emperor Speed as it hurtles without slowing through the vile Warp, have confronted Crane Mask in the Grand Cathedral to his majesty the Emperor of Mankind. The noble acolytes witnessed a duel of power weapons between Gloria the Grand Cleric and Crane Mask, the Mistress of the Volg Beast House. But all is not what is seems. After a panicked plea that all is not what it seems the Grand Cleric shed her skin and showed the true villain, the Red Bishop. As the acolytes, endowed with the full authority of the Holy Ordos, stare into a face so warp by vile sorcery and hate will they be able to stand against such a foe? If the acolytes survive the dread sorcerer’s power, will they be able to save the noble voidship continues its hellish ride through the Immaterium? Tune in next week and find out!



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