Dark Heresy: An Acolyte on the Roof

The Gellar Field Waltz
Part III

Last time on Dark Heresy….

The noble and ever faithful acolytes have found themselves masquerading as simple citizens of the Imperium, boarding the Emperor Speed, a vast cargo ship of 40000 souls. They are tasked with finding Crane Mask, mistress of the Volg Beast House. After a week, a meeting with the captain and the navigator, the mighty ship has entered the warp. The Gellar Field faltered, and the warp has entered the vessel. Now the acolytes must find the Crane Mask and if possible defend the poor souls that ride with them on this cruise of horror and death, all while artfully dodging the horrors that stalk the halls of the noble ship. As the warp dances a jig to drive the souls aboard insane, will the acolytes restore the orderly waltz of the gellar field? Or will they delve deep into the ship for arcane technology to allow them to escape? Find out next week at the Fate’s Eye Theatre!


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