Welcome to the Fate’s Eye Theatre! A place of mystical monsters, marvelous magic, and majestic magnificence of every kind! A place where you are the protaganists. Where you will play the valiant heroes or despicable villains,and where everything is only limited by your own imaginations!

We here at the Fate’s Eye Theatre are pleased to present a story of war, tragedy, and horrid monsters from beyond the veil of space and time. A place where heresy and ill thoughts plague every aspect of society, ready to be plucked out by the watchful eye of the Inquisition. A personal favorite and always a crowd pleaser, we would like to welcome you to the dark distant future where the only constant is war in its most base form. Welcome to the 41st Millennium.

The curtains open.. and the play begins.

Dark Heresy: An Acolyte on the Roof

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